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 Acreage  NE 20-48-15 W2  RM of Connaught  Bedrooms:3

 Bathrooms:1(4pc) 1(3pc)
 1104 sqft  $279,900.00   View Listing

 Acreage  ptn NE 12-45-15 W2  RM of Tisdale  Bedrooms:N/A

   $130,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  1101 Wizewood Rd  Hudson Bay  Bedrooms:3

 1444  $234,900.00   View Listing

 Acreage  PTE SE 27-46-15 W2  RM of Connaught  Bedrooms:3+2

 Bathrooms:4 (2pc, 3pc, 2-4pc)
 1574 sqft  $349,900.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Pte SE 16-43-13 W2  RM of Tisdale  Bedrooms:1

 Bathrooms:1 (3pc)
 716 sqft  $92,500.00   View Listing

 Acreage  SE 14-47-15 W2  RM of Connaught  Bedrooms:3

 Bathrooms:3 (2pc, 3pc, 4pc)
 1500 sqft  $209,900.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Freeman Acreage  Nipawin  Bedrooms:N/A

   $80,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  SE 1-45-13 W2  RM of Tisdale #427  Bedrooms:3

 Bathrooms:3 (2-3pc, 1 4pc)
 1313 sqft  $450,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Ptn of SE 6-45-13 W2  RM of Tisdale  Bedrooms:7 (3+4)

 Bathrooms:3 (2-3pc; 1-4pc)
 1850 sqft  $365,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Wisewood-Stimpson Rd  Hudson Bay  Bedrooms:N/A

   $180,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Ridge Road  Hudson Bay  Bedrooms:4

 1704  $435,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Kapeller Acreage  RM of Tisdale #427  Bedrooms:4

 3420 sqft  $500,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage    Hudson Bay  Bedrooms:5

 1500 sq’  $230,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Leblanc Acreage  RM of Arborfield #456  Bedrooms:5 (3+2)

 Bathrooms:2 (3pc, 4pc)
 1752 sqft  $199,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Griffin Acreage  RM of Tisdale  Bedrooms:N/A

   $59,900.00   View Listing

 Acreage  2 miles South  Hudson Bay  Bedrooms:4

 1100  $202,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  Rm of Clayton 333  Norquay  Bedrooms:3

 1380  $227,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage  White Acreage  RM of Nipawin  Bedrooms:4 (2+2)

 Bathrooms:2 (3pc, 4pc)
 936 sqft  $275,000.00   View Listing

 Acreage    RM of Barrier Valley  Bedrooms:N/A

   $21,000.00   View Listing

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